At the coach house hub we have curated a selection of Video content ready for you to view in one place. This content will inspire you, make you think, relax you and maybe get you thinking about them bigger life changes. We will be aiming to update this section as much as possible to keep the content fresh and inspire you each week. If you have any suggestions of content you think would be beneficial to others then send us a link so it can be added.

You are Energy – Inspirational Speech (Laws Of Attraction)

The Meaning Of Your Life – Master Your Mind (Motivational Video)

If your an uncommon Human Being – Motivational Video 

No Limit – 11 Minutes that will change your perspective On Life 

A Poem That Will Change Your Perspective On Life 

I Am Me.

People Come Into Your Life For A Reason 

Alan Watts – The Beauty Of Nothingness 

Buddha’s Thoughts

Great Buddha Quotes That Will Change Your Mind

One Day It Will Be Over – Live Now – Motivational Speech 

This Is Not The End – Inspiring Speech On Depression & Mental Health 

If Your Different: Be Different – If You Feel Like You Don’t Fit In WATCH THIS!

Never Doubt Yourself – The Enemy Within (Motivational Video)

Energetic NLP: How To Retrieve Your Energy From Other People