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An introduction to – Spring series of workshops.

Our full line up of the Spring introduction to series.

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The 9 Work Motivators

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What is NLP?

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Sailing The 7C’s of Courage.

This presentation was used to assist Bruce Grimley talk to the group about his 7C’s model which is being published in book form by Routledge in September 2019. Essentially it talks about the need to dissociate into the context within which you wish to excel, model the best exponents you find there and develop your capability as well as your identity in that space. This of course is quite contrary to many psychologists who suggest one should associate into who you are and find your “true self”. This model takes your “true self” simply to be a function of your past conditioning and not particularly useful. The model is based upon the work of Ego State psychology and the work of John and Helen Watkins


Reference Virginia Satir – The New Peoplemaking

Quotes From The Buddha

Download for some positive quotes to live by

An Introduction to… Understanding Anger

Helping you to understand why we get angry and frustrated. Recognize rage, Resentment and the circle of guilt.

Introduction to Positive Health

Change your thinking and change your life

Spirituality Centering Exercise  

Reference Virginia Satir – The New People Making