Here is a collection of all our resources from courses and events that we have held as well as some inspirational texts and other information that we think could be useful to you. 

Just click on the image to download to the resource for yourself. 

Presentations / Workshops 

An introduction to – Spring series of workshops. 

Our full line up of the Spring introduction to series. (also available to view in our events page) 

An introduction to.. positive Health 

Change your thinking and change your life. 

An introduction to… Understanding anger 

Helping you understand why we get angry and frustrated. Recognize rage, resentment and circle of guilt. 

NLP Introduction Part 3 
Communication Model & More  


Sailing the 7c’s of courage

This presentation was used to assist Bruce Grimley talk to the group about 7c’s. essentially it talks about the need to dissociate into the context which you wish to excel. 

Rep test 

the representational preference test. takes around 5 minutes to complete and enables you to identify, and be consciously aware of yours and others primary representational system. 

Meditations / Guided Visualizations / Scripts / Exercises  

Meditation Exercise 

Ref – Cissi Williams – The well-Being Handbook

Mediation for health 

Ref Robert Dilts Beliefs. A meditation technique based on mozart’s strategy. 

Laughter Filter Exercise 

Ref Own fitzpatrick – exercise in using laughter to help though various tasks. 

Spirituality Centering Exercise 

Ref – Virginia Satir – The following exercise is one you can use to deepen your experience of spirituality. 


Learn to create a light, momentary trance in people for various uses. 

Coaching Questions 

Posters / Quotes / Texts 

NLP Presuppositions 

Some information to clear up some preconceptions about NLP & what is involved  

What is NLP?

A diagram by magenta coaching that can help you understand NLP a little better. 

My Deceleration of Self-esteem

Ref – Virginia satir – the new people making.  

The Nine work motivators 

The different motivators than can help you push yourself in the workplace 

Your thoughts are your thoughts, only yours 

“Take responsibility for your own thoughts, actions, emotions and well-being.”

Quotes From The Buddha 

Some inspiring quotes from the Buddha that could have a positive impact on your life. 

Secondary Gain

Ref – Rubin Balintino