Chatteris is getting its own coaching and training centre for local business and individuals seeking to improve their lives through professional development.

The new centre “Coach House Hub”  is launching on Thursday 7th of March and is open for viewing through the day.

Shaun Davis, Managing Director and co-owner of local LED lighting company TP24 LTD, along with his partner Sibonile Mandizvidza is launching a new venture to help serve the needs of local people and small local business.

They are setting up a collective of highly trained specialists to offer personal therapy on a wide variety of subjects such as mental health e.g. depression, stress and anxiety management.  Two local companies, Magenta Coaching Solutions and Solace Coaching will be resident from the beginning of March, offering full training courses and on-to-one surgeries

From a small businesses perspective, at the moment there is, locally, very limited training and HR courses available, with businesses often sending their staff to attend out of town courses costing time and money.

The Coach House Hub aim is to offer local courses on topics such as video marketing and web design, first aid courses, mental health for business and mentoring groups, so that companies learn the skills locally and have the choice to do it themselves without paying expensive out of town costs.

The former tp24 coach house office in Station Road is being repurposed as the Coach House Hub, with meeting rooms and consulting rooms for small personal workshops and courses for groups of 4- 40 people.

Davis says “we plan to offer a range of activities and meetup groups in the evenings, with courses and one-to-one sessions during the day. We are also looking at a number of activity groups for weekend events.  It really depends on what people are looking for and what they need, we aim to try different ideas to see what works”.

“We will offer many events for free or nominal charge to introduce our service. With the help of volunteers and trainees working alongside specialists we can keep costs low and encourage participation”.

Davis emphasised that he is looking to give back to the community, creating a unique learning environment, to encourage organisations and individuals to stretch themselves and breakout of their comfort zones and reach their full potential by trying new things and letting go of limiting beliefs.

Having come to coaching late in his career, Davis is keen to spread his knowledge and pass on his learning and experience along with that of the collective specialists.  Davis himself is a master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and helps run the Cambs NLP group that meet every month.  His Partner, Sibonile, is an experienced mental health nurse specializing in drug and alcohol abuse.

Several additional specialist coaches have already indicated their intention of joining and collaborating in the collective project. The centre will act as a hub for local business excellence and personal development across the Fenland region.

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